In 1988, Larry St. John decided to attend school to enter the Heating & Air industry.

Before he graduated, he had already fallen in love with the field and knew that he would own his own company one day. He started as a helper, working through the service department, sales, and eventually through management. Through those years of experience working from the ground up, he realized what other companies WEREN’T doing. He always envisioned a company where customer service and craftsmanship were the main focus, a company that takes excellent care of its employees and operates all around with the utmost integrity. His dream became a reality when St. John’s Heating & Air came to fruition. That is why everyone at St. John’s Heating & Air follows and believes in the “Doing it Right” motto.

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Chattanooga's Premier Heating and Air Experts 

Our specialists are trained, skilled, and experienced to meet all of your heating and air needs. Only one out of every hundred certified technicians will be qualified enough to work for ST. JOHN’S Heating and Air; guaranteeing that when our specialist arrives at your home, he will be a professional chosen from the best of the best. Our service vans are always stocked and ready with the tools and parts needed to work on any unit. No matter the make or model, we will be prepared.

Having the knowledge and decades of experience, we believe in one thing: “DOING IT RIGHT.” We will eliminate all the risks of dealing with a heating & air contractor because our work is guaranteed 100% right or it is 100% free. 

Trust us with your home; you will not be disappointed. This is our promise to you!